FortPad™ Mobile Controller - Fortnite Edition

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The FortPad™ is for the ambitious gamer seeking an advantage over the competition. Specifically optimized for Fortnite Mobile, the FortPad™ will make you dominate the field and secure your Victory Royale easier than ever before!


- The Ultimate Phone Game Companion: Supports not only Fortnite but hundreds of other gaming titles, including PUBG Mobile, Minecraft and MORE!

- Connects to any Bluetooth 3.0 enabled device, including support of iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox and MORE!

- The FortPad™ Phone Arm supports any phone or tablet up to 7 inches, meaning you can play however and whenever you want!

- Charges via Micro-USB with one charge lasting up to 30 hours!

- Mainly designed with Fortnite in mind for the ultimate mobile gaming experience with buttons and size optimized for maximum comfort!

  • Bluetooth connection 
  • Wireless 3.0 compliant
  • Battery life: 40 hours 
  • Compatible with Apple & Android

Fortnite Battle Royale mobile is patched, we are not responsible for any potential issues